April 24, 2009

April Update

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I have really appreciated everyone’s comments and am very sympathetic to your suffering or that of your loved ones. Yes, the symptoms can go and come back. I too improved after the initial six moths of infection – was back to normal for nearly a year, then my family made two major moves, from England to California then from California to New Hampshire all and a few months time. We were under major financial stress. Low and behold a month after the last move my rash came back, the joint pain, swelling etc. I went to a doctor in New Hampshire and told him it was Parvo B 19. His response was “oh, good then nothing serious”. I just about punched him in the face. I walked out and did not go back.

I am happy to say that as I continue on my vegan diet -lots of fruit, vegetables and whole grains – I am still feeling amazing. I am also finding that the longer I go on the diet the less amount of sleep I need. I am now down to eight hours a night. For the past seven years I have needed at least ten at night, often twelve. My family is confused. They say “mom, what are you doing awake?”.  Really, it is so worth it to try it. I do not feel deprived in any way. I eat whenever I am hungry. I am not on a diet. I just eat the right things.

I have completed my sessions with the chiropractor. He says as long as I continue to feel so well no need to see me.

I did give it at Easter and eat too much chocolate. The result was that it made me really moody. So, will watch that. Life is stressful for me right now in other ways and I worry about a flare up, but will just continue with my healthy eating and hope that I fight off any attempts at it’s resurfacing. I do not believe it will ever go away. I believe I am giving my body the fuel to deal with it.

I think what other people have a hard time understanding is that the exhaustion with Parvo really affects your ability to think. I can’t imagine these kids having to deal with homework. Even with laptops and recorders, it is a matter of their brain being able to compute. Mine could not for ages. My husband said I had a glazed look on my face. He knew when he was talking to me that I was not making the connection. I would open a book and even though I could read the words, in my brain they meant nothing.

I really hope all of you can find something that will work. I also think drugs are not the way. I’ve tried them and they just cause an entire set of symptoms.

Depression, of course you are depressed but Depression is not causing your Parvo, it is a symptom of losing your standard of living. Studies show that most people who get Parvo are active ambitious people.  So, we feel guilty for not accomplishing the things we feel we should be accomplishing, for not contributing the way we feel we should be contributing, for letting down family and friends, for no longer doing volunteer work and school or church, for not remembering birthdays or just not having the energy to do anything about them. You do have to try and reach a point where you accept that you will not be that person again and that you have limitations. If you can accept the new you you can better deal with the depression. I have to say though, before I tried the eating thing I was not very successful at overcoming the depression. I was depressed and feeling pretty hopeless.

Please, tell yourself that you will try going vegan for three months. Just try it for three months and see if you feel any different. This is my challenge to you. There is so much information out there and I have read stacks of books on raw diets, vegan diets. I still suggest starting with Dr. Joel Fuhrman – Eat to Live. It makes sense, no swamp lilys from Africa, just good whole food.

If you do try the challenge please let me know how it goes.