July 9, 2009

Economy Takes its Toll

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Another month has come and gone and we are having our own pressures – trying to short sale on our house (after fighting for a modification for the past eight months), yesterday the timing belt broke on our subaru – leaving us stranded in the desert at 120 degrees. So, now spending money on a rental and trying to find a new used car that we can pay cash on – can’t afford payments right now. Family members all around us have lost jobs, or taken huge cuts in pay, losing houses. Times are tough and when under stress I do worry about the Parvo making a flare up. I have been trying extra hard to eat those greens and summer fruit. I have been trying to rest, though there are nights where I just can’t turn my brain off.

I have just been accepted to graduate school – something I have wanted to do for years – wanting to improve my painting skills and have the credentials to teach at a college or University. I figure if I do adjunct teaching I can take time off when the Parvo gets bad. So, I am searching for grants and scholarships..

Anyhow, many things on my mind. I still don’t haveĀ  all the answers but feel camaraderie with all of you and hope that somehow if we keep tabs and let each other know what works and what doesn’t we will get there.

So, can anyone suggest a good used car for mountain driving – steep hills and sharp curves?