September 29, 2009


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Thought I’d write a little update before I dive into my painting project for today (a six hour portrait from life – me looking in the mirror!).

The adjustment to going back to school has been slow and painful but I am making progress. I did not cry last week! The week before I found that several mornings I would feel overwhelmed and cry around 9.30 or 10.

Yesterday I met with a dietician. We went over what my average daily intake of food is and calculated how much of this and that I am getting. She said with all the fruit and veg that I am doing fine on vitamin C and that I shouldn’t have to worry about calcium either, but that if I want to continue with my supplement (started taking when I broke my food) that it would be fine. Her one area of concern was that my portion sizes are not big enough to give me the protein I need to keep my energy levels up. I do eat legumes every day, but really not enough. I have not been using soy but will add it in for one meal – soy milk to my smoothie. She said one serving would not be enough to cause issues with hormones. Also, I am to increase my intake of quinoa – which has just under 10 grams of protein per serving as compared to 7 in beans. I am to shoot for 50 – 70 grams per day – right now am only getting maybe 20.  So, I am hoping this will help sustain me. Also, she said that I need to add back in some healthy fats – which I really have not been using much of at all. She said they will help regulate moods. Need that!

I asked her why when a person is diagnosed with a chronic illness that doctors don’t refer patients to dietitians. It just seems logical. She said most doctors have had one class on nutrition and that they just are not trained in it – it is all about drugs. That to me is so sad. She did say that Loma Linda is now requiring all of their students to take more in-depth study in nutrition. Hopefully it will be a move for the better.

Hang in there! Eat your quinoa!



September 18, 2009

Hard Week

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Well, I am finding that going back to school and driving five hours a week is pretty hard on me. My husband is great and helped with driving when I was too tired, but there have been days where doubt and frustration take over and I become an emotional mess. It is so difficult not knowing how your body is going to react to what is just normal living for other folks. I have started drinking cherry juice – read that is good for joint pains. I could not find the concentrated juice though, only the reconstituted, so not sure if it is as effective or not. Have any of you tried it?

I also tried the Helo sauna yesterday. The dry heat really felt good, did not help my fatigue issues, but did help with muscle and joint pain. I’ll give that another go tomorrow.

I hope you are all hanging in there. I’d love to know if you have found treatments that help, and if so, how we might educate our own doctors.

Off to rest.