March 28, 2010

I Remember Me

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I have just added a film/documentary to our resource page. It is called “I Remember Me” and was produced by Kim Snyder in 2000. Kim Snyder was a filmmaker looking forward to her next project when, one day, she was overcome by what she thought was the flu — but later found out her disease was much more debilitating. In this touching documentary, Snyder chronicles her struggles with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, an illness that’s still a mystery to many doctors. Includes interviews with other famous sufferers, including director Blake Edwards and athlete Michelle Akers. It is available to watch now on Netflix.

Yes, the film is ten years old, but I still found that it is very pertinent. The stories she covers are still todays stories. They will really help your family and friends to understand the magnitude of what you are experiencing.  These people did not know what the virus was that was causing their symptoms, at least we do. I found it very validating to hear other people tell my story. I did find it emotional – so many have had it worse than I have. I sat on the couch and cried.

I can’t help but think, wow, it is now ten years later, and really what more do we know? Yes, last year researchers in Nevada pin pointed a virus as the number one cause of CFS  – but we already knew that. I suppose we need to hope that since these researchers have made this link, that they will soon find ways to help get rid of the virus and it’s devastation.

One thing Kim Snyder mentions is how clear it is to her – the memory of the day her life changed. It is for me as well. I remember very clearly the day I was working in my studio and rash broke out on the back of my hands. I had no idea that my life would be changed from that point onward.

Do you remember the moment, the day your life changed?


March 24, 2010


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Hello all. It is looking like spring here. The weather is beautiful and it has been tempting me to get moving more. Interesting message from Shannon. My husband and I did the three mile walk around the lake Monday morning. I was doing great, loving every minute till about two thirds of the way around. I suddenly had sharp pain in my hip, which quickly moved up my back and down my leg. It was all I could do to get to our car and at this point I was so angry! I find it so hard to understand how tests all come back showing that Parvo does not harm your joints – which I am glad- but it feels like they are in a state of decay! I wonder if they just can’t see what is happening? How can you have so much pain with no lasting result?

Lisa, so glad you found the site. I hope you can find some help here or at least encouragement. I’ve not heard of Meloxicam. What family of drug is it?

Hope you all have happy joints today! (boy that sounded not like I intended!, I mean the sort with cartilage, not rolled!).