May 21, 2010

One year of school down, one to go.

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Summer is in the air. Last week I passed my advancement review so can move forward with my thesis project. One more year to go. ┬áThis has been an amazing year. I feel like I have experienced an awakening. Yes, I went through stressful down times – the Parvo is always with me – but there is a clarity of mind that the vegan diet has given me that has allowed me to feel things again and think! Thinking is amazing – at times it hurts – but for years I was so exhausted I felt and thought nothing. I was a hermit. Now I am socializing, going to gallery openings, making friends and feel like I have been launched into life. I will never go back to animal products. I eat good food and find more options all of the time. If you are in Southern Cal, look for The Veggie Grill near you. Yummy food! I hope you are all doing well. I have posted three of my thesis paintings (one is a study) on my website – They are all autobiographical and about Parvo. ┬áMore to come…