June 30, 2010

Coming Along

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I find it interesting that information on Parvo has improved substantially in the past eight years. I just did a quick search and came up with this article http://autoimmunedisease.suite101.com/article.cfm/human_parvovirus_b19_infection

The severity of the Parvo B19 virus has become far wider known and every six months or so when I do more searches I come up with further research and indications of possible complications.  It at least gives me hope that patients will be taken seriously rather than being told “Oh, Parvo, no big deal”.  It is a big deal and I think they are starting to figure that out.  The  more they know about what it can do the more money (one hopes) will be put into the system for research on possible treatments and preventions.

As I continue to eat a high nutrient vegan diet – staying away from packaged foods and additives – I find that I continue to cope well. I have been walking this summer and am actually getting stronger. I can make it around the lake – 3 miles – in 35 minutes. Six months ago I could get a third of the way around, would double over with pain in my hips and knees – feel dizzy and otherwise terrible. I am amazed that I seem to be actually making progress rather than just coping. I know that stress brings me down. It is so difficult to avoid stress, but I sure try. Summer is a wonderful time for being vegan – so much fresh fruit and really good veggies.  Here is a recipe I have enjoyed. I also add red grapes. http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/food/views/Curried-Quinoa-Salad-with-Mango-232544

Do you find the warm weather helps with your symptoms?