November 20, 2010


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"Without a Noise"

November is upon us and I find I face another season of not wanting to have anything to do with the holidays. I just can’t imagine gathering enough energy to decorate, shop, be joyful, pack, travel. I am still immersed in painting and doing all the things needed for my MFA experience, but there is nothing left for anything more. The vegan diet is still the thing that keeps me going, but on days like today – a Saturday- I know I will spend the day on my bed, with sketch book, laptop, watching movies, napping and hoping the pain and swollen feeling in my hands will go away.

I’ve appreciated all of your comments over the recent months. It is really very helpful to know that one is not alone in this struggle. I do hope that there will eventually be an answer. For now, I am trying to paint my experience and do know that as people see my paintings they gain some element of understanding as to what we go through. It is very interesting to hear the stories that other people bring to the paintings. I will often not tell them what they are about, but let the viewer tell me what they think it is about and even though they do not say Parvo, they do feel what I am trying to communicate.

I hope you will all have a pain free weekend!