July 9, 2011

End of the MFA

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Well, I did it. I managed to graduate with my MFA in painting. It was the most difficult thing I’ve ever done and no way could I have done it without my family taking care of the home front, and eating lots of leafy greens! The last two weeks before the show I was painting in my studio round the clock and sleeping on my couch. A large part of the drive for my thesis work was this feeling that I needed to try to communicate to the world (or whoever sees my work) the true nature of our suffering. I wanted people to see that it affects so much more than just making us tired. All aspects of our lives change. I discovered a lot about myself in the process. An erotic element came out in my work that I had not pinpointed but then realized that yes, for so long when you are so sick, so tired, in so much pain, you stop feeling like a woman, you stop feeling desire, you stop feeling like you are a wife, a mother, you are just existing day-to-day. That is part of what I was trying to communicate. I hope that in a small way it will get our story out there.

So, now I am spending some time at home, resting, walking, being with family. I am also doing teacher training this summer as I have been offered a job teaching Figure Drawing and Color and Composition at my school, Laguna College of Art and Design. I just want to tell you all to not give up hope. Like Sami who found improvement with exercise, and myself finding a new lease on life after seven years by sticking with a vegan diet – along with moderate exercise, rest etc. there will be something out there for you. We are all different. Our bodies respond differently to different things. Don’t give up hope, but do be proactive. The doctors do not know your body like you do. Listen to it, avoid those things that make it worse, gravitate toward the good stuff!

Thanks for the ongoing discussion on this site. It really helps me to know that we are a community trying to help and support each other.

Happy Summer!

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