October 21, 2011

power powders?

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Hi all,

One of our bloggers has offered to share a supplement that has been working for her, prescribed by her infectious disease doc. She has had trouble posting so here it is … keep in mind I am not a doctor and am not endorsing this. Just passing on her information and hope it works for others as well.

Here is my powder mix I take 4 x a day..
Carnitine 125 mg,   Co/q 10  400 mg,  creatine 2000 mg, lipoic acid  300 mg, vitamin c 500 mg, vitamin e 200 IU.
I mix with 4 oz of water, stir and drink!
This was my last script .  Doctor just increased a few things and am waiting to pick it up.  When I do, I’ll tell you what he increased.  It helps lots!