November 11, 2012

Fall decline and post mid terms

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I don’t know what it is but every semester a week or two after mid terms I get hit with the exhaustion, shakes, and lower abdominal discomfort. I swear it feels like a UTI, but that never shows up positive on any of the tests. I thought maybe ulcers, but that is a negative as well. So, I chalk it up to another parvo thing. It is getting old though! It disrupts the progress I was making with my work outs and disrupts my eating, because suddenly nothing sounds appealing. So, then I start losing weight and feel like I’m turning into a walking stick figure. Yep, complain complain. Do any of you get the abdominal thing? Just feels achy and unhappy, but never throw up. Usually the doc gives me antibiotics (a sulfa drug) and eventually it goes away, even though they tell me nothing is there…


Heart Failure

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So, my husband was listening to NPR yesterday and was shocked by this story. I listened to it online and felt I should share it. Have any of you had such experiences? Have you heard of this doctor or treatment?