November 11, 2012

Fall decline and post mid terms

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I don’t know what it is but every semester a week or two after mid terms I get hit with the exhaustion, shakes, and lower abdominal discomfort. I swear it feels like a UTI, but that never shows up positive on any of the tests. I thought maybe ulcers, but that is a negative as well. So, I chalk it up to another parvo thing. It is getting old though! It disrupts the progress I was making with my work outs and disrupts my eating, because suddenly nothing sounds appealing. So, then I start losing weight and feel like I’m turning into a walking stick figure. Yep, complain complain. Do any of you get the abdominal thing? Just feels achy and unhappy, but never throw up. Usually the doc gives me antibiotics (a sulfa drug) and eventually it goes away, even though they tell me nothing is there…



  1. Leslie said,

    Hi, All… yes, serena. I had SEVERE gastrointestinal problems about a year ago that started about six months after my positive parvo test… not so coincidentally (only looking back) with the onset of other systemic health problems and then, recently, a positive parvo test… still. I lost a lot of weight very fast… it was scary. While my appetite has returned, I never truly feel hungry, but at least I’m not perpetually nauseated like I was.
    I’m going to hook onto your post with an unrelated question. For those that have positive parvo virus dna… in my case, 20 months post-infection… do any of you know through your own personal experience, or education through a doctor, if our bodies are able to irradicate the virus on their own, even slowly over time? Or is it the case that, once it’s in your dna and/or bone marrow, you’re stuck with it? I’d like to be able to turn to my doctor and ask, but even he has been unable to answer this for me.
    Serena… thank you for this invaluable source of information:)

  2. Kathy said,

    I just found your blog and convinced the Parvo virus triggered my Sjogren’s syndrome. I was dealing with my symptoms ok until a month ago when I got horrible pelvic pain. The doc’s think it might be interstitial cystitis – aKa chronic painful bladder. What i wouldn’t give for my joint pains! Now my kidney is enlarged and i guess I will have to go on steroids. I am so afraid to take it but now with kidney involvement may not have a choice. It has been 6 years and I have been managing by diet and vitamins.

    Sorry – i did not have a chance to read all pasts blogs but can someone share the latest research on parvo – it is really hard to find.
    Every time I get me blood work my titters are high.for parvo and it has been 9 yrs since i had it.

    I don’t know if we can irradicate the virus but I am going to a new natural healer and I will ask. She clears parasites, yeast, etc why not virus. IAre there an anti virus med we can take. Does IVIG help?

    Thank you for starting this blog!

    • serenamuse said,

      Hmmm, I’ve been going to doctors for what seems like a bladder infection and they never find any infection – this has been happening for years. I wonder if it is this IC? What sort of doctor diagnoses it?

      I am all for natural healers and am trying to find a good one in my new area…

    • serenamuse said,

      Just reading past posts and found this. No doctor in ten years considered IC to be my issue. Why is it that so few doctors know how to diagnose anymore?

  3. Mary Applegate said,

    My daughter who is 17 was only diagnosed in September this year with the Parvo virus. She has been having stomach issues, joint swelling and pain, and exhaustion. If she is active for more than 20-30 minutes (by active I mean it can be just her walking and standing) her joints hurt and you can see the color run out of her face. It takes her 2-3 days to shake the exhaustion and pain.

    As for her stomach issues: she had a colonoscopy and we were told she had Colitis. I began researching Colitis and it indicates that it is caused from a few things one being a virus. The information gathered indicated that you should treat the cause. I am assuming that it is the Parvo virus causing it and as many of you know you treat the symptoms for that. Kind of frustrated because that is a vicious circle. So with the stomach issue you don’t seem to be alone.

    She also had an MRI on her left knee (pain in all joints but the left knee is the worse). The results came back that she had a bruised cartilage. She has not suffered from any trauma or injury, not even a bump to the knee. We do have an appointment with a Rheumatologist next week so hopefully we have more answers.

    I am glad I found this site and thank you for starting this. The sites like WebMD and CDC have limited information. This allows me to read personal experiences in which to relate. Kathy please keep us posted on the natural healer. That would be great to have my daughter back to her old self.

    Thank you,

    • Lisa said,

      I’m so grateful I found this site. I had a liver transplant in April and have had continuing back and joint pain. It is progressively getting worse. I’ve been to my internist, transplant dr, and rheumatologist and all say there’s nothing wrong. 2 weeks ago I visited a fatigue clinic where she was smart enough to check me for parvo virus – it’s positive! So grateful to finally hear I’m not crazy and this pain after very little activity is part of this. I hope to find some help besides muscle relaxers and pain pills. It’s so frustrating!

      • serenamuse said,

        There is so much relief to be had from knowing there is a cause for what you are feeling. There are not a lot of options for treatment. Look at some of the responses here. My best help has been through diet change – vegan. Others have found help with antivirals. You might ask about this.

      • Leslie said,

        Lisa… I am so very sorry to hear that iyou’ve contracted parvo. From your post, I’m gathering it was via the liver transplant. I hope your doctor is consulting with an infectious disease doctor and, through them, IVIG is being considered. You would fit the criteria for most insurance companies, though I don’t know if other medical considerations would prohibit it. I really do wish you well. There’s a lot of informative and compassionate people here that you can reach out to.

  4. barbara archambeault said,

    Hello to everyone and hope this day you all feel better. I am responding to a fellow blogger about my experience with NIH (National Institute of Health, Bethesda, MD) Dr. Young @ NIH is doing an active research study on those affect w/Parvo related to aplastic anemia, there are 2 other studies going on. Secondly, I came across an MD @ Cleveland Clinic but trying to find out more. Frankly travelling from Connecticut to Maryland was not worth the expense. I find that I have chronic anemia and have to have infusions weekly.

    • Megan said,


      Who is the MD at Cleveland Clinic?Been living with Parvo for 2 years. Flaring badly this week. Will be in Cleveland soon.



      • melissa said,

        Megan I have had it two years too, please email me, I also have a group on FB and we are all working together to find doctors who can help.

  5. Lynn Morrissette said,

    Barbara, have you been diagnosed with a-plastic anemia? my mom had a similar illness, myelodysplasia snd hd to get tranfusionsweekly as well….this has me a little concerned…I keep getting bouts of fatigue where I have to crawl into bed for 2-3 days and every time I go to the DR’s I always seem to be anemic…I live about 25 minutes from NIH, I am going to check into this

  6. Rebecca Jarquin said,

    Hi all- lower abdominal pain for me too- I ended up with an antiphospholipid syndrome brought on by parvo and the abdominal pain was so bad that I ended up with a hysterectomy. They found such terrible inflammation that they opted to remove it. Bottom line, the inflammation in your body is causing the pain. I opted to go through a 4 month intense herbal detox. Many acupuncturists can administer a detox and I am off all medications and living pain free. It was very difficult because the detox was uncomfortable and I could only eat alkaline foods, but it was worth every minute.

    • serenamuse said,

      I did the alkaline diet for two weeks and now I am able to keep it in check by going back to alkaline every time I feel it starting to flare. That seems to cut it off. Also, if I really want to eat that super spicy thai food, I take two Prelief before hand and I am usually fine.

  7. Jennifer Shaw said,

    I was just diagnosed with parvo and have many of the symptoms! Joint pains, stomach issues, headaches, huge weight loss. They said it was my thyroid for 5 months now and I finally got tired of my skin literally hurting all the time. My hair is falling out and it hurts to move the hair in my head and eyelashes! My skin seems transparent. Does anyone else have these symptoms? I had a broken femur in Sept of 2014 and always thought my joint pain was from that but beginning to think it’s because of the parvo! My hips, knees and ankles hurt and I am bruising from every little bump! Help!

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