August 29, 2013

Summer fun and not so fun – Surgery and ACUPUNCTURE

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Well, as a rule summers are pretty lousy around here. We are either moving, or not moving but broke. This summer seemed hopeful. I am teaching so not so broke we had a few fun family outtings planned. We did manage one weekend away and I pulled together a really great film project that is still in the works, but in the midst of things I got back a mammogram with an area of concern. This started the series of waiting for dates, having horrific night mare inspiring biopsy, waiting for results, while trying to heal from that invasion, getting results, needing surgery, along with another horrific invasive treatment, surgery having complications, long much more involved recovery,…the results were good. But now I have been faced with recovery from the surgery and nightmares. As a person with parvo you know how it goes. You know the fear of “will this set me back?” “will the parvo flare up?” “how long will I be down for the count?”. The pain meds just made me sick, so I decided to take things into my own hands and go to an acupuncture doctor. One session took away all of the stabbing 7 or 8 on the pain scale pains. I’m now on day eight of going in for treatment with needles and herbal tea. The pain is nearly all gone. The swelling is way down and the incision no longer angry. I’m still though exhausted, still have areas of numbness and hard skin. We are working on that but she says it will take time. I’m am drinking the most disgusting witches brew of a tea ever imagined. I do though have a little more energy today. Time will tell. I am wondering, what are your experiences with acupuncture? Has it helped the parvo? How?