October 30, 2014

Interesting new study

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I find this new study encouraging, as they are now finding physical markers for the long term symptoms, but yet it also raises more questions. Were the brain abnormalities there before the Parvo, and thus make us more susceptible to the virus? Or did the virus affect our brains? http://www.iflscience.com/brain/brain-abnormalities-discovered-patients-chronic-fatigue-syndrome



  1. lovinherbs said,

    Thanks for posting this.

    I need to explore your blog to see if there is any treatment for the Parvo. I have M.E. also, do they often co-exist?

    Appreciate the work you put into this blog!

    • serenamuse said,

      Yes, ME is really just a name for a group of symptoms. If you have been diagnosed as having Parvo, then you can remove the ME diagnosis and just assume it is part of your parvo (unless it was there first…).

  2. alfie said,

    I recently went on LDN for on going Parvo, (six years) and along with strict healthy diet, I almost feel like a normal human being again.

  3. Gregor D said,

    Human parvovirus B-19 and related conditions have one thing in common..their viruses and like all viruses, their one-celled pathogens that only seem to develop further when they take over a cell in its host.
    One thing I know for a fact…is that my experience with bacterial infections and viral infections is, that ‘micro-particle silver colloids’ in the nano-particle range have inactivated the aforementioned pathogens both in invitro and invivo research studies, and in my own use, as well as, others who’ve used it successfully for their viral & bacterial ailments.
    That being said, Mycoplasmas are now being found in 80% of cancer victims and believed to be in 90% of No.American population now.
    What does that mean to us?…Top nuclear microbiologists and top mycoplasma researchers believe that their findings are key to the causal effects for the degenerative chronic diseases humans are experiencing today. ie. Cancers, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, lupus, RH, Parkinsons, Diabetes, and more.
    Most of these are treated with Rx drugs and so forth.
    If one is suffering from one of these diseases, it would be beneficial
    to have a DNA-PCR test done to determine if you have been exposed to Mycoplasma infection or not.
    It appears that many people who have had a vaccination(s) in the last 20years, may have been exposed to a mycoplasma species, that appears to have gotten into the vaccines via the filters, during the vaccine manufacturing process.
    The are a number of things to consider but, in short, when confronted with a bacterial or viral infection, I might suggest that one use micro-particle colloidal silver, in addressing it. It is safe, non-toxic and well documented in its use. Yes, even the hospitals today use it on all child births and on most all burn victims, because its so effective against infections.
    Further, many many people today are immune system compromised.
    this, of course opens the door to sickness. People also are vitamin and mineral deficient. this also is a common precursor for developing illnesses in humans.
    When dealing with a compromised immune system a few products to look at that are VERY effective in boosting the body’s immune system is IMMUTOL and DEL IMMUNE V. The history on these two immune system boosters and more, is quite impressive.
    Don’t ask your mainstream MD about them or about Colloidal Silver.They either won’t know, won’t care or approve.
    Their in the business of prescribing Rx drugs, slicing ‘n dicing and chemo and/or radiation treatments, at great cos, both to your pocket book and health. Some MDs do try their best, under the circumstances they operate under, but It’s not always good enough.

    My own experiences for the last 15years using, when necessary the aforementioned products has kept me ill free. It is part of my arsenal
    to protect myself and family or friends, if and when they choose to use
    May I also suggest researching Health Sciences Institute for information on many ailments that afflict so many today. Their a great source. As well, may i suggest looking up ‘ The Silver Edge’ – Steve Barwicks website. Absolutely great site to learn about the benefits of using micro-particle colloidal silver.
    For the record, I have no financial interests whatsoever, regarding
    the aforementioned products or sites.

    Best of health to All. Always look under the Mainstream medical systems carpets, because that’s where you’ll find the dirt.

    Semper Paratus

  4. Jenn C said,

    Sorry to use this forum, trying to reach “Luna”….accidentally deleted your recent email and couldn’t find your email address again anywhere on my (new) computer to reply. Was so glad to hear you are doing well (and taking the Colloidal Silver is helping you!). Eme again when you have the time, sorry for the mix-up. Take care – Jenn

  5. Patti O said,

    I have had fibromyalgia/chronic fatigue for years. I had a bad flare 2013 and my MD ran the Parovirus B19IgG. It was high 4.53. I have been researching all possible to find out how fibro/chronic fatigue developed. I see here this new discussion, or I should say new to me. Gregor D. – could this be caused for my autoimmune disease fibromyalgia and would this Colloidal Silver help me? I am an RN and only know of the cream form. Thank you for any help. Patti O I am on facebook under Patricia O’Neill Steckloff

    • Dawn P said,

      Yes check out this website this Dr. Had Parvo and was diagnosed with fibromyalgia & CFS. He treats with antiviral meds 4fibromyalgia.com

  6. Kiah said,

    An interesting case report

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