November 11, 2012

Heart Failure

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So, my husband was listening to NPR yesterday and was shocked by this story. I listened to it online and felt I should share it. Have any of you had such experiences? Have you heard of this doctor or treatment?


August 25, 2009


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Thank you for all of the wonderful comments of late. There have been some very useful suggestions, which I hope will bring some encouragement to others. I for one am trying different vitamins. I had been taking a B12 supplement, but later read it needs to be the kind that dissolves under your tongue to be effective. I just started trying that kind yesterday – we will see. What vitamins have worked for you?

I too found swimming in my brother’s pool felt really good and did not leave me fatigued afterward like other forms of exercise. Unfortunately we do not have a pool near us – though I am trying to find a friend who might have access to one.

Tomorrow is a big challenging day for me. I am starting an MFA program and tomorrow is my all day orientation – have to drive an hour and 20 minutes down to Laguna – have just started driving again a few weeks ago – then will be there all day and in the afternoon will carpool to the satellite campus in Santa Monica and have dinner at their gallery. Then will be carpooled back to main campus and drive home the hour and a half. Will I survivie?! I have all sorts of little worries, but will pack the essential fruit, salad and nuts and green tea to tide me over. Will try to get a ride with someone else to Santa Monica and back.

I really felt like I had to take my life back – quit lying in bed and watching it pass by. I am excited to do this program but have not told any of the faculty about my health issues. I do not want them to judge my work based on my health issues, but there may come a time when I will need to tell them.

My heart goes out to all of you who are suffering. Our stress levels have been so high. I had a massage on Saturday because I could feel myself getting so tight and starting to really ache. The massage helped, but I still feel bruised from all the kneading he did around my neck and shoulders. Have you found help with massage?


February 25, 2009

Feeling Good

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After taking a couple of days to adjust to a broken foot, I find my energy levels are high and I am doing well. I continue to eat my 80% raw fruit and veg diet – with whole grains, almond milk, nuts and seeds. It is great. I am a food believer. I am painting like crazy and feel like my work is taking a turn for the better. I am feeling alive, like part of the world again. If you are interested in my painting blog please go to

October 30, 2008

Cymbalta itch

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I’ve been doing some research and it seems I am not alone in my itchiness. Other people have posted that when cutting back on Cymbalta, they start to itch all over. Please make it stop! The other thing – night mares. I had real night Horrors last night.

It has now been two months since I made it off the cymbalta. Would you believe the doctor told me most people never get off it! Well, it was hell – I was a wreck for several weeks, but I came out the otherside and am just fine now. Don’t give up, you can get off the drugs!